Hello friend, and welcome to the Open Up The Cloud System! 👋

What is the Open Up The Cloud system?

The system provides a step-by-step guide to get your start and grow your career in cloud.

The system doesn't comprise of much original content itself, but instead aims to give a structured overview for how to get into cloud, and links to any good existing content and communities.

The system is broken down into several steps. You can start at any step, but if you feel "lost" return to the start and work back through each step to regain your confidence.


The system has a companion Slack community to help you on your journey. This community is about building your career in cloud. Getting direction, building focus and discipline, and achieving whatever the goals you set yourself in tech, cloud and life. This community is not tech oriented. There are many other great communities for tech. This community exists more for career support and guidance. We’re here to support you in building an amazing life for yourself, your families and those around you. Learn more by reading the Open Up The Cloud mission.

To apply to join the Open Up The Cloud community please complete this form.

We look forward to sharing your “I got the job!” post!

Got a cloud career question?

The content in this repository comes from community questions. If you have a question about cloud, or cloud careers that is not yet answered, please raise an issue.

Want to contribute?

To contribute, simply fork, open a PR, or raise an issue.


Why is there an application process for the community? It's a light one. The "application" consists of a couple of questions to ensure that you are serious about getting into and growing your career in cloud. The questions shouldn't take too long... provided you've already given it some thought.

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